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Help for Technical Problems

Due to our products' nature, several factors can cause technical problems with access/navigation on the site or the site's functionality.

Possible problems may be:

Display and functionality

Issues Deposit/withdrawal

Issues Logging issues

Unexpected/unusual error messages

Inactive links

If you are experiencing any of the above, we have a Support Department to assist you. Please contact us for assistance.

What is "My Profile"?

"My profile" is the central location for all the information that matters to you. After logging in on, clicking on your username will take you to the "My Profile" section. From there, you can see: 

- Your Info (My Profile)

- Bet slips history (My Bets)

- Make a deposit (Deposit)

- Request a withdrawal (Withdrawal)

- Transaction history: deposit/withdrawals, winning bet slips, etc. (Transactions)

- Limit the deposit's payment to your account (Limits)

Where can I click to see my transaction history?

To see the history of your transactions, click on the "My Profile" field after logging. – Click on the "Transactions" option. After that, you will receive all of your transactions.

Why do I need to provide documents?

Please understand that we are obligated to ask for photos from both sides of your ID card, Driver's license, or from (pictures from first and last page). We will also need proof from your utility bill or bank statement (not older than three months) to confirm our loyal customers' registered address. You can upload your documents by clicking on your username. After that, you need to scroll down to see the "Account Confirmation" field. Click "upload" and select your documents. Or, you can send it to our e-mail address: Our appropriate team will review them. If everything is fine, you will receive a message, "Your account has been verified."

How can I verify my account?

To verify your account successfully, please follow these steps:

 1. Find which documents we need to see on the verification page of your account.

 2. Check the document requirements above.

 3. Click on "My Profile." Scroll down until you find "Account confirmation," click on the "upload" button, and select the required documents. Or, you can send it to our e-mail address: Our appropriate team will review them, and if everything is fine, you will receive a message, "Your account has been verified."

How can I know that you reviewed my documents?

We aim to verify your documents within 24h. If everything is fine, you will receive the message "Your account has been verified." If we notice that something is missing, we will ask you to provide the document.

How do I prevent my account from hacking or fraud?

Although we have robust security checks, your responsibility is to keep your login details and personal information safe and secure. The best way to prevent your account from being hacked is to regularly change your password and not to save your username and password on the site. Never share your credentials with anyone and use devices that have the latest protection software installed.

How can I change my user details?

For security reasons, only we can change your user details. Feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team, and they will fulfill the request. However, they will ask you to provide photos from your biometric document (ID card, Passport, Driver's license).

How can I register on

To open an account on, click on "Register," which you can found in the top bar of your screen.

Afterward, we will be forward you to our registration page, where you can enter your details. Please enter all the details correctly and to the best of your knowledge. When selecting a username, your desired username may have already been taken. In this case, you could try adding numbers to your username to continue with the registration.

The password has to contain more than eight characters as well as letters and digits. Please use these special characters (! $ % & \\\\ . _ @ – +) for a particularly secure password. After that, you need to enter the code from your picture.

Finally, please confirm that you are of legal age and have read and accepted our terms and conditions and the data privacy statement.

Once you have finally confirmed all data by clicking "CREATE A NEW USER." You will be notified about the successful registration via e-mail a few minutes later. To activate your account, please click on the activation link in the e-mail. We will redirect you to with a message regarding successful activation. After that, enter your credentials to log in.

How can I log in?

Please enter your username and password in the two fields in the top right corner, and click login to log in with your betting account on

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgotten password" in the login form.

Enter your e-mail address connected with the account. Once you have entered the relevant e-mail, we will automatically send you an e-mail with the link for the e-mail address registered. Clicking on the link, we will redirect you to a page where you can enter a new password.

I want to change my password. How can I do it?

First, log in with your username and the current password. Then, click on your username, and from "My Profile," select "Change Password." Now you have to re-enter your current password and set a new password that you have to confirm.

Spam messages, will I receive them?

Your data's safety is vital to us. That's why you will never receive spam messages from We will never share your information with third parties without your express consent.

Can I have more than one account?

No! One person-one account. Your family, or people living in the same household as you, can have their account. Be aware that if you try to create more than one account, we will consider freezing all account access and funds.

I want to open an account for someone else. Is that possible?

No. An account should only ever be opened or accessed by the account holder.

Betting: Terms & Rules

On which sites can I see match statistics?

Official sites are: England Premier League (statistics), Spanish La Liga (Proximos partidos) Germany Bundesliga (team statistics), Italian Serie A (match report), French Ligue 1 (team statistics), UEFA Champions League (statistics).

Can I get paid if I lost a bet?

We advise all customers to analyze matches before placing their bets thoroughly. In the event they stake and lose the bet, we are not able to pay. You can see the results of the settled bets in the section "My bets."

What is an odd?

The odd represents the likelihood that the team or player will achieve the result displayed, i.e., the number with which your stake is multiplied.

The organizer reserves the right to change the odds published in the sports events program, which we will promptly announce in a free-paid place. When calculating the gain, we take into account the odds that are valid at the time of the bet slip payment.

What is a handicap?

"Handicap" is an advantage in (goals, points, percentages, or other sizes related to the betting event) for a sports event that is pre-determined and presented to the player in the betting offer.

The outcome of the handicap event is formed by adding the number of goals, points, or percentages marked as a handicap and goals, points, or percentages achieved by the team to whom the handicap is given.

My game is interrupted before the end. What should I do?

Suppose a match has been interrupted for many reasons. In that case, there is a 72-hour wait for the finishing or the replaying of the game. The match's score will be registered and processed according to the achieved result from the finishing, i.e., the replay, respectively.

If the match is finished or replayed within the following 72 hours, we shall calculate an odd of 1 for the match for all kinds and types of games.

Additionally, only for the football matches, if the match begins its 85th minute, the score achieved until that moment will be registered as the final score, regardless of the circumstances that arise following that moment. Specifically, if the match is suspended after the said moment (for example: in the 88th minute), in the score processing, it shall not be deemed as interrupted, but it shall be considered as a finished match and shall be calculated with the achieved score until that moment, for all kinds and types of games.

Minimum Bet

The minimum bet for single and combined bets is EUR 0.50. The minimum bet per row/bet for a system bet is EUR 0.01.

What does 1, X, 2 mean?

The sign "1" means the victory of the home team, the "X" indicates a draw result, and the "2" marks the win of the away team. In the matches from other sports, where there is no "X," the sign "1" refers to the first team in the betting list, and the "2" sign to the second team.

What does 1, X, 2 mean?

The sign "1" means the victory of the home team, the "X" indicates a draw result, and the "2" marks the win of the away team. In the matches from other sports, where there is no "X," the sign "1" refers to the first team in the betting list, and the "2" sign to the second team.

Sports: Betting

How can I check if my bet is received?

You can check it by pressing "Betting," After that, click on "My Bets."

Can I choose to accept any change in the odd automatically?

Select the desired match and the bet that you want to place it, and from your right, you will notice "Accept any odds changes" and "Accept higher odds." Click on the option that you want.

You can accept any change in odds when you put the odds on the In-Play bet slip.

I have a winning bet slip. When can I expect to receive the money from my account?

Suppose you placed a bet and all predictions are correct. In that case, will charge your account immediately after the end of the final event.

Single Bet

Easiest and fastest way to place a bet is by a single bet. All you need to do is predict the outcome of an event, and if you are correct, you have already won. For example: You tip for a home win of Real Madrid for the match Real Madrid versus Barcelona with the odd of 2.50. Your bet amount is 10 Euros. If Real Madrid wins the game, 25 Euros will be credited to your betting account in a few moments after the game ends.

Hint: Please check selected bets carefully because the "PLACE BET" button is the last stage of placing a bet. There is no other confirmation page!

Combined Bet

With a combined bet, you can place up to 20 tips with just one stake. Combined bets increase the win, but all tips have to be correct to win a bet.

How do I see the complete offer of available sports games?

You can find the complete list of sports games by clicking on the "Betting" page.

I want to cancel my bet, is that possible?

We do not have an option to cancel a bet. Please make sure you are careful and sure before placing any bet with us.

Placing a bet. To bet on a single selection...

1. Find the desired sport from the sports menu.

2. Select the desired market.

3. By clicking on the odds you want, you will add the selection to your slip.

4. Enter the amount of your bet.

5. If the selection is correct, select "Place Bet."

Where can I see my last bets?

 You can find your last bets by pressing "Betting," and after that, click on "My Bets."


It applies when the odds or line indicated during the betting is obviously wrong. After correcting the error, the bet is settled again based on the correct odds. For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

How will your bet be settled if one or more selections do not participate?

If any of your selections do not participate in an event and are marked as canceled, the following rules will apply:

For single bets, the amount of your bet will be refunded. For multiple bets, the bet is valid and will be settled based on the other selections.

For example, if you place a triple Bet and one of the selections is canceled, the bet will be settled based on the other two selections as double.

Rules for bets

Bets are settled according to our Rules, which determine the settlement of the markets. Scroll to the bottom of our page, and click "Rules." There you can find all the necessary information.

Why is my bet settled as canceled?

A canceled bet means that we have returned the amount of the bet. If you are unsure why your bet has been canceled, we would advise you to check for additional information to confirm your bet on the menu History. Alternatively, you can check the rules for the respective sport in the section Rules.

How much time do I need to wait for my bet to be settled?

We always settle bets as quickly as possible and as soon as the results are available.

Where can I find the results from my bets?

Click on "Live Scores," and there, the current results are displayed. If your matches have finished, click on "current" and then select "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Or, you can choose the desired date. You can also see the results of the settled bets in the section "My bets."

Can I see match results if I am not logged in, or do I not have an account?

The "Live Match" feature provides real-time information on specific sporting events. You do not need to be logged in or to have an account.

Just click on "Live" and select the desired match, so you can keep track of significant events live for many sports, including Football, Basketball, and Tennis. For example: for football, you can see who owns the ball and where they are on the field, as well as corners, free kicks, shots on goal, touches, and more.