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Making a deposit with Neteller

Go to Neteller's website, and choose 'Register'.

Read the Neteller Terms and Conditions and, if you agree, select 'Register'.

You'll receive an email confirming your registration. Press' Get started' to get redirected to your new Neteller account.

Then complete your registration by providing your address, phone number, and birth date.

Once you verify your email address, you can add your preferred payment method. Just access your Neteller account and go to 'Upload', within the 'Balance' section.

As soon as you have funds in your Neteller account, log in to your account on, and click on the "account balance" button.

Go on the "deposit" section, select your payment method and insert the desired amount of money (currency in EUR).

Select Neteller.
Select the currency and the amount you want to deposit and go to 'Deposit.'

Enter the email address you registered at the Neteller window and choose login.

Enter your password and touring number at Neteller's website, choose the payment method, and go to 'Confirm.'

Once you have received the payment confirmation, select 'Confirm,' choose 'Return to Profile,' and then 'Close Window.'

You will receive the confirmation of the transaction.


1. What is NETELLER?

NETELLER is an "online wallet" that allows you to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds online. NETELLER provides same-day payments and instant cash transfers to and from affiliated merchant sites and between NETELLER account holders.

NETELLER offers many instant and local options for funding your NETELLER account, including free debit card deposits, local bank deposits, credit cards, and international bank transfers. There are also many other local options depending on where you live. For further information on funding your account visit

2. Do I need to open an account with NETELLER?

Yes. Please go to the NETELLER site to create an account - it's fast and easy.

3. I already have a NETELLER account. Can I use it?

If you already have a NETELLER account, you can use it to fund your account.

Note: The email address you registered with NETELLER and the cashier must be the same, or NETELLER's security system will decline your request.

4. How do I fund my account using NETELLER?

To fund your account with NETELLER:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the Profile tab and select 'Deposit.'
  • You will now see the NETELLER logo. To select this deposit option, click on the icon.
  • Enter or select your deposit amount 
  • Enter your email address that is registered with your NETELLER Account.
  • Once you have received confirmation that your payment was successful, your funds will be instantly available in your account.

5. How long does it take to credit money to my NETELLER account?

Credit Card Deposit: Instant credit (if your bank approves the transfer).

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): Requires four to five business days for clearance through ACH. Once your bank has authorized the transaction, NETELLER will immediately fund your account.

InstaCash Deposit: Can be credited virtually instantaneously (see NETELLER site for complete details).

Note: To transfer funds from NETELLER to your account, log in to your account, go to the 'Profile' and select 'Deposit.'

6. How long does it take for money to get credited to my account?

The money is credited to your account instantly, provided you have sufficient funds in your NETELLER account.

7. How much does NETELLER charge for this service?

Please refer to NETELLER for updates on their processing and service charges:

8. Can I withdraw using NETELLER?

Yes. To withdraw using NETELLER, you need to have made a successful deposit with your NETELLER account. If you already have made a successful deposit with your NETELLER account, simply login to your profile, click 'Withdrawal', and then select NETELLER. We will send your cash electronically to your NETELLER account.

9. Can I withdraw through NETELLER if I deposited through other means?

Yes. To withdraw using NETELLER, you need to have made a successful deposit with your NETELLER account within the last six months. If you have made a successful deposit within the previous six months, visit the profile, select the 'Withdrawal' tab and then select the NETELLER logo. After we complete our internal procedure, the amount of your withdrawal will be sent electronically to your NETELLER account.

10. Can I withdraw the same day I deposit through NETELLER?


11. Can I withdraw more than my initial deposit using NETELLER?

Yes. However, please remember that our internal review team first approves all withdrawals. This process usually takes approximately up to three business days. Once we have processed your withdrawal, it will take 2 - 6 hours for the funds to appear in your bank account.

12. What is the average processing time for NETELLER withdrawals?

Our internal review team first approved all withdrawals, which takes approximately up to three business days. Once we have processed your withdrawal, it will take 2 - 6 hours for the funds to appear in your bank account.

13. What minimum and maximum amount can I withdraw using NETELLER?

The minimum withdrawal amount you can withdraw via NETELLER is 10.00 USD equivalent. The maximum withdrawal amount is 10000.00 USD equivalent.

14. Is there a reason I cannot deposit with NETELLER in my account currency?